They approved my mortgage at maib.  What do I do next?

They approved my mortgage at maib. What do I do next?


Did you apply for mortgage financing at maib and was it approved? Congratulations! Find out below the steps you need to take next:

1. Check the terms of the mortgage

All the terms of the approved mortgage - the term, amount, rate and monthly payment - are specified in the contract.

However, even if your application has been approved, it does not mean that you are obliged to get the loan exactly under these conditions. If your circumstances have changed and you need a loan under different conditions, you can make changes to your application - for example, change the loan program, increase the loan amount, etc.

2. Choose the desired property

To search for the dream property and collect all the documents - you have up to 90 days from the moment the application is approved. Thus, you have plenty of time to find a house, apartment or room, a building plot or a summer house.

Of course, you can do the searches yourself onwww.casahub.mdor you can ask for the help of a real estate agent.

3. Approve the property at the bank

To approve crediting the property, you will first need the "evaluation report" for it. The report can be ordered and paid for here:ORDER REPORT.

At the same time, in addition to the aforementioned report, you will also need a series of documents. They vary depending on the type of real estate chosen and the ownership rights over it.

How can you find out in advance what documents you will need? Very simple – at a free online consultation with one of the managers of the mortgage center. Schedule a consultation here:FREE CONSULTATION.

Normally the approval of the selected property takes 2-4 working days.

4. Schedule the transaction

When the decision on the property is made, you will be telephoned by your mortgage center manager. At the same time, he will notify you of the day when you will approach the headquarters of the mortgage center to carry out the transaction and become the owner of the much-desired property.

It should be noted that when completing the documents, you need to purchase an insurance policy for the respective property. This operation is mandatory and is carried out directly in the premises of the mortgage center.

5. Become the owner of the building

On the day agreed with your manager, you will approach the headquarters of the notary accredited by MAIB, together with the seller of the property. Physical presence of all parties is mandatory.   Next, you will sign sets of documents and pay the mandatory fees for notary services. We recommend that you prepare the necessary amounts of money ahead of time.

After signing the documents, you will go with the seller to the mortgage center to sign the last documents and to receive the requested amount of money. We recommend that you decide ahead of time how and where you will make the currency exchange - the requested amount of money will be issued to you in lei.

6. Registration of ownership

After the transaction has been completed and the property has become yours – you must officially register this ownership right.  You will be able to do this at the headquarters of the Cadastral service within the ASP Multifunctional Center.

First of all, you will register the seller's willingness to remove him from the list of owners of the property and at the same time - the request to register as sole owner. All these operations are carried out in the aforementioned center and can be performed both in standard and emergency mode. After the operations are carried out, you will get a new cadastral extract where you will be indicated as the sole owner.

Once ownership is registered – you must bring a copy of the new statement to your mortgage center manager to update your file.


The procedure of purchasing a property through mortgage financing is a perfect solution for those who plan to move into their new home as soon as possible. Even if it seems to be a complex one, with the help and guidance of the managers of the maib mortgage center, it takes place very quickly and in conditions of maximum safety.

Stop thinking, take the first step towards your dream home - here:FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION.