Mortgage Questions and Answers Webinar

Mortgage Questions and Answers Webinar

Financial education and transparent communication are priorities formaib. We are pleased to announce the Mortgage Questions and Answers webinar, where maib professionals will explain how the mortgage lending system works and what its advantages are:
Aliona Stratan
Aliona Stratan
First Vice-President maib
will tell about the mortgage field in the Republic of Moldova
Anișoara Cîrlan
Anișoara Cîrlan
Product Owner, Directia (Band) Mortgage Loans
will describe the advantages of the mortgage and its mechanism
Daniela Rotaru
Daniel Rotaru
Manager of the Maib Mortgage Center
will report on mortgage financing conditions, eligibility criteria, calculation
Stas Sîrbu
Stas Sîrbu
CasaHub representative
will show the most efficient and useful tool to find the dream home and request the mortgage offer
Eugen Luganschi
Eugene Luganschi
Real estate agent
will make a general analysis of the real estate market in Chisinau, describe the trends and, at the same time, make a comparison of mortgage financing versus rent
We believe in the power of knowledge and informed financial decisions.
Monday, June 24 ora 17:00 Join the free Mortgage Questions and Answers Webinar.
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