Mortgage Loan "Prima Casă"

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Mortgage Loan

Maximum Amount

800 000 MDL

Loan Period

Until 25 years

Interest Rate


About loan

First Home - is a government program, thanks to which you can buy an apartment in an old or new house, as well as buy a house in any locality of the Republic of Moldova.

Benefits of the program:

  • securing the loan with collateral of the purchased property in the amount of at least 70% of the amount;
  • the guarantee of the government of the Republic of Moldova is 50% of the loan amount;
  • guarantee of spouse or first degree relatives - if necessary.


Borrower requirements:

  • an individual who does not own real estate;
  • an individual who owns real estate with an area not exceeding the area of the housing purchased under the program;
  • age from 18 to 50 years;
  • at least 6 months of work experience at the current place of work;
  • average monthly salary - 3000 lei. Family incomes are taken into account.

Real estate requirements:

  • construction is completed, the building is put into operation and registered with the State Services Agency;
  • does not have defects, hidden material or legal defects;
  • not pledged or alienated to third parties.


You can get:

  • amount: up to 800,000 lei;
  • term: up to 25 years;
  • down payment: from 20% of the housing cost.


  • loan issuance fee - 1%;
  • IP ODA guarantee fee - 0.25% per annum of the loan balance;
  • prepayment fee - 0%.

Required documents

Here you will find the necessary information regarding the document package depending on your income

  • Salary;
  • Money transfers from abroad are accepted as additional income
  • Dividends or rental income are accepted as additional income.

You need to collect the following document package:

Identity Card

Salary certificate

If income is confirmed through the State Tax Service database, presenting a salary certificate is not mandatory.
In other cases, a salary account statement or a salary certificate, the form of which can be downloaded here, must be provided. The certificate must be completed by the employer. The account statement can be obtained directly in Internet Banking or at the bank branch.

Property title deed

The property title deed and documents confirming the right of ownership to the pledged property can be obtained from the State Services Agency or the Territorial Cadastre Office.

The provided title deed must not exceed 60 days from the date of issue.

Certificate issued by the State Services Agency

The certificate issued by the State Services Agency confirms that the area of the residential premises, owned solely or jointly with other family members by the Program Beneficiary and, where appropriate, spouse, does not exceed the area of the housing purchased under the Program.

This certificate can be requested online from the State Services Agency, as well as from the Territorial Cadastre Office.

Appraisal report

The appraisal report for the property offered as collateral for the mortgage can be ordered independently. If you are applying for financing at the maib Mortgage Center, you can order the report right there. The list of appraisal companies approved by maib can be found by following the link.

Documents confirming the purpose of the loan

The purpose of the loan must be confirmed by one of the following documents:

  • preliminary purchase agreement;
  • preliminary approval;
  • deposit agreement;
  • deposit payment receipt.

Documents confirming the down payment

You can confirm the down payment with one of the following documents:

  • receipt for the advance payment;
  • notarized deposit agreement;
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for participation in the "First Home" program if the building is not commissioned?

The building must be completed, commissioned, and registered with the State Services Agency.

What will be the final APR?

The Effective Annual Interest Rate (APR) or the total cost of the loan varies depending on the amount and repayment period of the loan.

How much can I expect?

I receive salary in
My salary
Spouse salary:
Other income:
Monthly payments for other loans:
Total family income:
Maximum granted amount
Monthly payment:
The presented calculation is approximate, the actual payment calculation may vary slightly.
Loan Term (from 1 month to 30 years)
I receive salary/pension on a MAIB card or have a positive credit history
Interest Rate 7.38%
Maximum granted amount
Monthly payment:
The presented calculation is approximate, the actual payment calculation may vary slightly.

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